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Starting the last year of my HS life

It's been so long since I last came to LJ and I possibly won't use this journal ever again. Unless, I am in need of writing places, but... I might as well say that I just came back from the first day of school and got my schedule. Yes! I got everything I wanted. I'll post the course, block, and teacher for pure randomness.

A: Music(Orchestra) - Mr. Toth
B: AP Eng Lang & Comp - Ms. Dixon
C: AP Cal- Mr. Thom
D: AP Bio- Ms. Alm

*I don't know why, but I am so happy to get AP Bio in D block. I just feel happy knowing that I can study for tests during lunch. Also, I have music on the first day. So, that rocks I can at least relax with playing my music. But, on test days I am going to die if I get tests for all 4 block, though I shouldn't worry. The class that I am worried is AP Eng Lang. I have to somehow get a 90% or higher. Hopefully, I can get that mark.

E: Physics - Mr. Moroz
F: AP Eng Lit & Comp - Ms. Dixon
G: Spare
H: AP Chem- Mr. Hsia

*I'm also glad that I have AP Chem in the afternoon because I can study during the break. It's almost the same as last year. Now the only thing I have to worry about is how hard it is going to be. I heard that it is the hardest AP class in all of the classes. Now that is worrisome, but at least I got a spare so I can study ahead and do homework for other blocks.

Not a bad schedule, I got everything that I requested for. So, this year I don't have to wait in line to change courses that makes this much eaisier. The only thing that I have to worry is the studying part and the organisation part because my room still looks as messy and disorganises since I last tried to clean up. It ended up in a complete failure.

Well, I must say farewell for now and to those starting their first class today or before. Good luck on the rest of your year, but I bet you won't need it!


At home...

Hello Everybody,

Today I missed school. I wish I didn't, but I did. It felt weird. This morning I woke up and felt fine. Well, other than being dizzy and had an upset stomach due to some medication I had to take for something. Suddenly, during the the 30-45 minutes before school. I had the urge to vomit, which I did and it felt weird. I thought that I might have the flu, but right after I felt fine and a bit nauseating. So, I went to school, suffering by doing breathing excercise, so the nauseous feeling would disappear. But, it didn't and when I stayed at my first block-the wonderful, brilliant Bio room-I keep feeling uncomfertable. I told the teacher early on that I wasn't feeling well. So, in the end I had to leave the classroom and head back home. Then, I slept for a couple of hours, which leads to this very moment where I am eating noodles in front of the computer. I don't think I have the flu and fell pretty fine to go to school tomorrow. So, hopefully, I'll see everybody.

Happy Chinese New Year!


So, I lied when I said I had my chinese dinner a week before in a japanese restaurant. My parents, grandpa, aunt, uncle, and cousin were with me when we celebrated Chinese New Year Eve last night at a chinese restaurant. It was an interesting time, but I found it frustrating talking with my cousin. I mean the situation was seriously awkward. I need to develop social skills and possibly self-esteem, as well. Does anyone have them for sale in little bottles for me to gobble them up?

It is the year of the pig, I have no idea if this is a good year for me. I heard that next year is the year of the rat. I am graduating high school that year, I know most people who graduated either think it is a significant year and some possibly don't because it is a year where you leave school and go to university. Course Planning is literally scaring me, From what I discussed with my cousin (Yes, at least we had a conversation) I should be taking more easy courses. But, all of them are figuratively going to kill me. I'll be dead by the end of my graduating year, people will be watching as a coffin is going to be reeled by.

Hopefully, the pig will be a good year and wonderful things will happen!


Today was a...Collapse )

Well, Anywayz that out of the picture I might as well, organize what I am going to say like. What happened over the summer so far!! I have been seperating every contact from friends at school. How? You might ask...by not going on msn messenger thats is what happening. Anywayz it seems by friends at school or classmates have been having a great life of there own and they are meeting more friends than me...Well, actually I haven't met any friends at all...T0T such a sad life I have I bet I am going to live alone and I won't marry. I won't have kids and I'll be the weird creepy women who has black dogs (I don't like cats so I'll just buy dogs instead ^^)who like to bite random stranger. When kids enter by territory aka. my house I'll wave my broom and they will say that I am a evil witch trying to kill them. Possibly another witch trail will be held for me and everyone will say I am guilty. And I will die an old...>.> Okay maybe I was going a bit too far.

I have been..Collapse )

GSDCollapse )

It seems I have to stop because I am to lazy and tired to type anymore.

Hello Everyone!!

Yes! I am back here in my LJ (I luv it so much). It is summer break or vacation so of course I get to have some/tons of time to type in my blog. Lot's of small things to talk about I might as well type up a list, while I am doing it. Just like mei-chan...>.> << She is my idol!!! Knows a lot of things more than me, fashoinable, and has brilliant common sense>> hehehehe....

Anywayz here is my list below:Collapse )

I have much much more to add to the list, but I need to get some sleep or I'll be dead tired tomorrow morning. I might as well type some things to add in another entry for this LJ... I'll write it tomorrow hope I am not to hyper *sigh* which I always am.. I dislike myself at school sometimes I get a tad or maybe a pain in someones back. I alway get yelled or insulted which really lowers my self-esteem...but life is full of things to endure....

Well, I have to go BYE...

PS Thks mei-chan for helping with the LJ cut
PSS Remind myself to ask Izuma and M3ller to read my LJ or else *evil grin*

Long time no...type??

Hello Readers who there might not be any at all,

Wow, I haven't posted in such a long long time. I guess should start or I can't use my LJ anymore. Heh, Jmak (person I know from school) got a job in petcetera. I was reading his Xanga (doesn't like LJ at all, don't know why though. I always wanted an LJ and here I have it) Ah, it ia very fun watching/reading other peoples LJ for some odd reason they make me feel so good or just give me a giggle or laugh here and there.

Ah, I want to have a job or at least volunteer somewhere. Jmak has just gotten his job in petcetera, and darkenedxstar or mei-chan is trying to go get a job in fabricland. Everyone wants to get jobs...at summer school we just started to do resume, interview skill...it is not Capp but similar it is combined and formed into Planning. *sigh* What I sacrifice in life to have a better life in the future....but it will just get harder along the way.

blahCollapse )

Update later...

Hello newcomers,

This is my livejournal..where a sign will pop up on your screen and tell you wether or not you are crazy or...better yet! INSANE!! However, for those who know me well...I am boring!!

I have to go >.> I will type later!!


First Entry


To introduce myself. I am a very paranoid person. ^-^;; So unfortunately, I cannot give out a lot of my personal info! Though, I have a lot of experience with blogs. Well, today I wanted to try it out! I haven't used a blog for a while... If you really want some know something about me..here is something I snatched from my old blog..

"I have been furious since yesterday afternoon because of an unfortunate event. I typed a journal entry on blogger. It pleased me at how informative and compact the entry was. But, somehow an accident occured resulting in the whole entry to disappear. Afterwards I was very angry that I let out my anger for more than an hour long. Though I do not remember the recollection of all that I wrote on the blog, I still remember phrases and words that I had conrtibuted.

Many who do not know me my name is a piece of information that I do not give to strangers. As well as personal information like my age, where I live, or my birthday (though I may give this date out when it occurs). Many hints will be given out and eventually you may know me a lot more than this first entry. However, if anyone asks me a personal question I will ignore it entirely. In all my journal entries, I will be using an alias to keep my identity a secret.

I live in Canada (that is all that I will tell you about where I live; I beg you not to try and hunt me down or I will call the police). It has been raining, yesterday and this afternoon. I enjoy listening to the calm rain pouring down on the window of my room. I know many friends who dislike rain, but I disagree, the rain gives off a relaxing feeling that envokes a tranquil air.

I go to school, however I will not tell you if I am in preschool, kindergarden, elementry, highschool/secondary, or University (if you include Medical School). It should be obvious to know off some selections because they seem ridiculous to start with. I hope you understand the meaning of why I do not give you the answer to the question of where I go to school. I am a paranoid person, especially about my personal life.

To tell you some truth, I procrastinate quite often and dislike it. I may even call myself a hyprocrite. One should understand that I am pessimistic or that is what one of my close friends tells me whenever I insult myself. I often insult myself, though I consider myself optimistic. I suppose that I am more optimistic at home rather than at school. Stress may be one of the problems that causes disaster in my life.

The reason for writing this journal is to improve my english grammer and writing skills, though my first language was english. Also, it will help me let off some steam from being stress. I might write every week or considering it is my break, everyday. However, if I do not report in a week's time, I will surely explain in the following entry.

Thank you for reading my first (or second if you consider that problem that occured yesterday) entry in this journal. If you feel bored or dislike this entry do not fret if I get disappointed or sad, I will understand."

I was angry at that time...but it will explain a lot. >.> though...I have a change of thoughts with some ideas that I originally wrote down.